HiYield builds infrastructure for onchain capital markets to bolster liquidity and improve the investor experience. Our current infrastructure supports securities offerings and borrowing/lending. This flexible infrastructure provides a foundation on which various other financial products can be built.

HiYield leverages this infrastructure to build investor-facing products and services, such as the HiYield Offerings and HiYield Lending Market:

HiYield Offerings

Offerings are security tokens backed by private-placement investment contracts. Approved Offerings (including offerings from other Issuers) can be held to maturity as well as used as collateral in the HiYield Lending Market, giving investors access to liquidity and leverage against their position.

For more information on the HiYield Offerings component, please see: Components -> Offerings

HiYield Lending Market

HiYield Lending Market has a unique architecture in which it utilizes a combination of a 'Passive Pool' and any number of 'Isolated Pools':

A) Passive Pool

  • Passive Pool lenders are exposed to a broad spectrum of risk, as the only approved borrowers from the Passive Pool are the Isolated Pools themselves. The Passive Pool is used as a sort of 'liquidity injection' to approved Isolated Pools whose borrowing demand exceeds its lending supply.

B) Isolated Pool

  • Isolated Pools each have their own unique whitelist of collateral types, allowing lenders to specifically choose which assets they want exposure to. Isolated Pools have their own parameters which can be adjusted to suit the particular collateral(s) being borrowed against.

For more information on the HiYield Lending Market component, please see: Components -> Lending Market

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